Parthena branding & identity.

To create a recognizable brand that stands out from all competition, while reflecting the products high
quality was one of the major goals in this project. The identity was a small part, that evolved into a clean and
simple website. Business cards, post cards and eventually 3 sizes of packaging to make the product stand out
on the shelf were to follow. The complete 10 tones shipment is on store shelves near you now.


Website design

As a huge part of the business, is responsible for providing information to their customers around
the world. The same clean lines and simplicity is carried over with vibrant images to create a great website.
Utilizing a great content system the page is easily update-able and able to grow with the company.


Promotional materials.

While waiting for packaging from Spain and Greece to arrive, renders were created to help sell the products
before they arrived. The promotional materials help people visualize what they were buying until they have
the real packages in their hand.

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