Greek Style Wedding Invites

Ordering wedding invites may be a daunting task, but try being a designer and being told to stick to the readily available “package deals.” Unfortunately this did not work out well for me / us so we decided to get a little more involved and design & print our own cards! It couldn’t be that hard we thought, we do it every day! – we couldn’t be more wrong. As we learned doing anything in life for yourself is usually much more difficult.

As everything in life we do things a bit different – we have crazy kids, drive vintage Volkswagens, collect random vintage furniture, take random trips overseas, have a baby, then mere days after decide to get hitched! Thats why we decided to have more of an outdoor wedding, complete with Greek Bouzouki music, a pig on a spit, souvlaki, an Elvis impersonator and the list goes on! So naturally our invites had to fit the theme of crazy. Being a surprise the card mildly hints at a pig roast, as well as a Greek / eclectic wedding.

Printed on a 4″x6″ Matte laminated card stock, with UV Varnishing over all text and patterns to give it a gloss look – the cards look great! tossed in a plain white envelope with a odd stamp we found that says “The heart that loves is always young – Greek proverb”

To top it all off we created our very own website where guests can go and RSVP!
Check out our other post which covers the website!

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