Ear Gear Promotion

As an attempt to get Ear Gear in the limelight and attract some more attention, we were invited to take their marketing to the next level. Bored of informational flyers with pages of writing we took the simple and bold approach to quickly grab viewers attention.

This new line of ads will be distributed monthly with a new image on the front and slogan on the back. The imagery on this line of cards hits hard at the idea of “life goes on” and is both “unpredictable” as well as “unforgiving.” The images will show this with kids playing, getting dirty, people running and sweating etc. Vivid imagery that taps into specific emotions! With one quick look, someone who both uses and knows the hardships associated with these devices will be able to both identify with the ad, and want to know more!

We also had the opportunity to take a set of product photos to really highlight the product, which were eventually used on the print ad’.

Print: 4″x6″ Matte Laminated card stock with rounded corners.

If you are interested in finding out more check out their website, www.gearforears.com

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