Bio One Distributions

Bio One Distributions contacted us wanting a great new website to promote their awesome line of products & launch their new business. Priority was put on keeping it clean and fresh looking while being easy to use. Large images were a must, a fantastic shopping area with product reviews, ratings & a rewards system for enticing new users. Rewards can be collected in a variety of ways like sharing the page or adding a review and can be cashed in as credits towards products. A great store locator was created, making it easy to showcase where to find their products. As well an entire wholesale section had to be created to allow wholesalers, stores & salons to apply, and if accepted they would get wholesale prices automatically on everything. Real time quotes with canada post shipping was set up for a streamlined checkout, as well as an entire process to deal with orders, add tracking numbers, contact customers and much more!

Bio One Distributions is currently finalizing their product line and should be online soon!

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